in electric leisure vehicles!

Battery Regeneration

Understanding battery regeneration:

If your golf car battery deteriorates, contact us to regenerate it, instead of buying a new one.

The treatment method is based on a process of electrical pulses, without any chemical additives. A high amperage, associated with a specific frequency, releases the active ingredients frozen in crystallized form.

Regeneration allows the batteries to recover their original characteristics and increase their life span from 100% to 150%.

By adopting a preventive program associated with curative functions, you can double the useful life of the batteries and improve their efficiency, while reducing operating costs.

Restore the original properties of your batteries, including:

  • Performance
  • Battery life
  • Efficient electricity consumption
  • Occurrence of electromechanical failures
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Flooded, AGM and gel batteries:

We can process all types of monobloc batteries:


  • Motorcycle
  • Car
  • Truck
  • Bus
  • TP machine

Small machines

  • Washing machines
  • Boom lifts
  • Golf carts

Solar Energy and UPS Systems

  • Solar monobloc
  • Backup
  • BTS, telecom network

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Make real savings:

When your battery is charged in our workshop in Pertuis, a complete diagnosis is made including:

  • Washing and control of connectors
  • Voltage and density measurements at each cell
  • Passage to the discharge bench
  • Regeneration
  • Voltage and density measurements at each cell and validation of regeneration

Only validated batteries are charged!

Golf Car Sales and Repairs Aix-en-Provence